Sunny Health Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling-BikeI have been spinning for quite a while but I am not aiming to be a hard core spinner. I am just enjoying spinning and the benefits that I get out of it. I finally decided to get an indoor bike (yes, I was just going to gym to go spinning), I looked for a second hand because I am on a budget. I finally got to and saw tons of spin bike reviews and many choices but few bikes that are on my budget, co-incidentally bumped to an ad which says second hand indoor bikes that are from Sunny, the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. It has all the basic features that I need and at my budget price. Finally, here are the features that I looked for in buying the bike.

40 lbs. Fly Wheel

The weight is just the right type for me, good for those that only wants to enjoy spinning but note that it could be actually a challenging weight.


The system packs a heavy duty crank. It has a smooth chain mechanism that is very useful for a quiet system and a heavy duty frame that can withstand up to 275 lbs. of user weight. One feature I liked is the transportation wheels, I can move it easily with no sweat and hassle.

The feature that this spinning bike is that it is in its basic form so no fancy digital indicators, LCD displays and such. So if you want to monitor how much calories you burned you cannot, honestly that is not a big deal for me, as long as I am sweating I know I am burning calories and that’s more important to me. Another is the pulse monitor, for me, another minor thing, if you really need it, more accurate pulse monitor are available, and the ones that is attached to your wrist that choice is more advisable. Since it has no LCD displays, it does not have any way of giving how much distance you have spun, the time can be easily substituted by stopwatch or any timer around, your clock can be used.

This spin bike feels like the ones that I have been using in the gym though the brands are different and expensive, looks very like around $1000.

All in all, the bike is pretty awesome for its price, you really can get quality for an affordable price if you just look for it and some luck.