How to Choose a Stationary Bike Stand

Stationary Bike StandAn indoor stationary bike stand or sometimes called a stationary indoor bike trainer is a great way to exercise to decrease lose weight and to build your own abdominal muscles. It is very convenient as compared with riding real bikes.

You can choose to workout on a bicycle while you watch your favorite television show or while watching the news on the TV. The stationary bike stand is a great alternative especially when the weather is not so good for outdoor activities.

All you need is to find a good place at home and you can start your workout. You can transform your bicycle into an indoor all-weather exercise machine easily.

Stationary bike stands come in two popular options, they are:

  1. Stationary bike trainers
  2. Stationary bike rollers

A stationary bike trainer is a gadget which is attached onto your bicycle’s back wheel. It supports the bicycle vertical with the rear wheel off the floor while allowing you to cycle on the spot.

The rear wheel is clamped on a roller to produce traction. There is a resistance unit that is attached to the roller for you to have resistance for a workout.


A stationary bike roller is like a cross between a treadmill and a log rolling contest for the bicycle. Rollers composed of three drums are held in a frame. Two drums go below your rear wheel and the other underneath the front wheel, and there’s a band connecting them which means that your front wheel will spin as well.


Your bike stand will transfer the vibrations to the floor while you are riding. If you are not living on the ground floor, the noise would disturb your neighbour downstairs. To reduce the vibration from the noise, use a foam carpet.

3 types of stationary bike trainer

– Air resistance

This is a type of resistance technique which uses a fan to increase the level of resistance as you increase your cycling speed. It’s the most steadfast resistance mechanism and it is the most noisiest type.

– Magnetic resistance

The magnetic resistance is the most popular in shops. You will need to stop pedalling to change the resistance in most models.

– Fluid resistance

Fluid resistance stationary bike trainers are the most expensive and most difficult keep it running in good condition. You can change gears easily and the fluid opposition provides probably the most realistic pedalling. If you want the best resistance training, the fluid resistance stationary bike trainers is the best. They are also the quietest among all the types of stationary bike stand.


For people who are cash strapped and not wanting to spend a lot more on an exercise bike, the bike trainer is another great way to get your workout without leaving your house. In conclusion, this option could be the best exercise bike for you.